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Apple Daily Interview

An interview by Apple Daily, share the story about how I became an Auto Detailer from my previous job.


1973 Ferrari Dino 246GT Paint Correction

This 1973 Ferrari Dino 246GT visited BC Detailing Studio to have the paint correction detail. It has been covered with scratches all over the car caused by car cover sheet.

After over 25 working hours, the Dino has the shine back and ready to hit the road and drive hard agian!!

How to do a basic car wash on a Honda NSX-R

Learn a better way to wash a car!

Passion | BC Detailing Hong Kong

The making of a professional detailer. The founder of BC Detailing Hong Kong, Brian Cho. It's all about passion.

8 Steps to clean car floor mat

Learn how to easily clean your car floor mat in a simple way. 

6 steps to clean interior

Here is how to clean interior with minimum tools, quick and easy that you can do it yourself.

Dashboard trim scratches removal

Paint correcion is not limited to body only, we even polish a dashboard trim.


BC Detailing Hong Kong x AMMONYC

Had great time detailing with Larry from AMMONYC

2003 Nissan 350Z Paint Correction Pt.1

Car came in with a very bad paint condition. Stay tuned for the final result!


2003 Nissan 350Z Paint Correction Pt.2

Here is the final result after the paint correction! Check this out!



After paint correction detail and paint protaction coating, the GTR looks so glossy and well protected!

Cayenne GTS

3 Days detailed on the Cayenne GTS

Audi R8

We use difference ways to detail difference cars using difference products in difference places.


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