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Maintenance Detail



A well maintained car is more important than anything else, if a car is maintaining well all the time, it minimised the need for major paint correction.

Same for interior, leather, fabric or plastic can be cleaned and protected too.

We provide different services to keep your car looking good inside and out.


The most common scratches you could see on a car are caused by washing, but you may not know drying in a wrong way can also damage the paint.


You want something that is safe to use during the washing procedure, including shampoo, wash mitt, buckets system and drying towels. It is very important if you want to maintain the car well.

  • 3 buckets method with double Grit-Guard System.

  • Exhaust tip, wheels and wheel arches wash

  • Snow foam pre-wash

  • Door Jamb

  • Glass inside and out

  • Interior vacuum and basic clean

  • Tires dressing

  • Spray sealant





  • pH neutral car wash shampoo

  • Non- acidic wheel cleaner

  • Filtered water

  • Microfiber / Lambwool wash mitt 

  • Various detailing brushes and wheel brushes

  • Microfiber drying towel / blow dry with air




Interior Detail

Most of the car owner forgot about cleaning the interior.


Steering wheel, gear knob, seats are the things that you touch the most while driving.


Leather, wood, plastic and fabric are the material that usually used for interior and these can be worn out if not taking good care.


Pet hair and smell also an issue that we need to deal with.

  • Leather/ fabric deep clean

  • Dash Board

  • Console

  • Door card

  • Steering wheel

  • Gear knob

  • Foot paddle

  • Carpet

  • Vacuum

  • Steam clean / High Pressure air cleaning tools

  • Leather condition

  • Fabric , carpet coating

  • Interior glass and mirror







After our paint correction detailing service, we recommend bringing the car back every 6-8 months.


So we can see how good you keep the car and we can also do some minor top up protection.

Just like engine oil need to be  changed regularly,

paint also need to be serviced regularly.

  • Car Wash

  • Clay

  • Interior vacuum and basic clean

  • Tires dressing

  • Apply sealant, wax or coating booster

  • minor correction if needed




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