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BC Detailing HK is based in Hong Kong, providing quality detailing services on your vehicle and motorbike.

I am an enthusiast of cars and motorbikes. I like driving, of course, and I particularly enjoy driving cars that are properly looked-after.  

Throughout the years I have my car detailed by the local "professional car beauty shops" . I often thought to myself, " I can do better ".  In recent years, I have been steadily building my knowledge on auto detailing, travelled around the world and visit with overseas detailers, asking and discussing with them,  I also read a lot of auto detailing books. It started off as a hobby, it has now become my passion.

I have been detailing the automobiles of my friends and family for many years, teaching them how to wash a car correctly and more importantly, to protect their cars against "wear-and-tear" over time. 


​ I have enjoyed teaching fellow car owners and enthusiasts how to properly detail their beloved car(s).

I may not have sufficient funds to hire many staff to serve my customers; what I do have, is my knowledge, my passion, my two bare hands and an unwavering dedication to making all cars looking new. But most importantly of all, I would like to share with all car owners the fun and satisfaction of driving a well-pampered car! 

Brian Cho


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