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BC Detailing HK offers exterior and interior detailing services to your cars and motorbikes. 

We use high quality and safe to use car care products, with my professional detailing skills to give your car a stunning result.

*Pricing is subject to vehicle inspection, size and condition may vary


There are too many brands in the market that over promise the ability of thier coatings and products. Here at BC Detailing, we've got you covered! we never misled our customers and we will choose the right products for you that work best on your car. Leave the trouble to us and enjoy your ride!

We provide various types of coating services, including: Glass, Trim, Plastic and Fabric etc.





Optional Services

Plastic Front/ Tail Light Restore

Plastic Trim Restore

Metal Polish

Wheel Polish

Fabric Convertible Tops Care

Glass Polish and Seal

Leather Care

Fabric Care

Carpet Deep Clean

Steam Clean

Engine Bay Cleaning

And more.....

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