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Cleaning your wheels correctly is the best way to maintain the wheels against wear and tear over time.
Always use the right tools and products to do the right job. WHEEL is a non acidic gentle weekly use wheel cleaner, it is strong enough to help you easily remove brake dust and road grime, but safe enough not to damage your rim and caliper surface. Do not use any wheel cleaner on carbon disc


  • Direction of use:
    1. Ensure the rim is cool to touch, working one by one
    2. Rinse the rim with water to remove loose dirt/ brake dust
    3. Spray WHEEL directly onto the rim, leave dwell for 1 minute,
    do not let it dry
    4. Clean the riml from inside to outside, top to bottom with
    wheel brushes
    5. Rinse off cleaner with water
    6. Dry the rim with microfiber drying towel or a blower
    7. A quick spin on highway with the freshly cleaned wheels
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