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Cleaning your upholstery correctly is the best way to maintain the seat and carpet against wear and tear over time. Always use the right tools and products to do the right job. FABRIC is formulated for cleaning interior cloth and fabric upholstery, it helps to remove soil and dirt effectively and leave a new car scent. When use on Alcantare, test on a small area first.


  • Direction of use:
    1. Vacuum the targeted area
    2. Spray on the surface and leave to dwell for 1-2 minutes
    (Dilute 1:1 for a light clean)
    3. Scrub the surface with an upholstery brush or a microfiber
    4. Wipe the area with a dry microfiber towel
    5. Vacuum the area again
    6. Sit on your driver seat and feel the cleanliness interior
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