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Washing your car correctly is the best way to maintain the paintwork in the best condition.
Always use the right tools and products to do the right job.
AUTO SPA is a highly concentrated PH natural car wash shampoo. A 500ml bottle of AUTO SPA can wash over 25 times. We found that a good car care product is not what is in it, however, what is not in it. The ingredient in this shampoo will not damage your waxed car, and also safe for coating.


  • Direction of use:
    1. Rinse the car from top to bottom to remove losen dirt
    2. Mixed 15-20ml of AUTO SPA into a bucket of 15L water
    3. Ready a second bucket of clean water for rinsing the wash mitt
    4. Wash the car with 1-2 microfiber wash mitt from top to bottom
    only using straight lines
    5. Rinse the car again until all soap is washed away
    6. Dry the car with a microfiber dryig towel
    7. Enjoy the cleaned car on road
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